Erosion Control

Erosion Control Zanesville, OH As a homeowner or business owner, you want to make sure that all the outdoor spaces of your property are stable, aesthetically appealing as well as sustainable. However, soil erosion is an environmental hazard that needs to be kept in view while designing landscapes.

Mudslides or even unstable soil without the right kind of containment can cause erosion and this can result in instability in your landscape.

Sometimes, the problem can be so bad that it can affect various outdoor features and structures in your landscaping, or even cause injuries to those using the area. One of the best ways to make sure that these problems do not occur on your property is to opt for our specialized erosion control services.

Erosion Control Installations

We at Winland's Complete Landscaping Service are a family-owned company that provides custom erosion control services to clients in and around Zanesville, Newark, and Blue Rock. Our company also proudly services Trinway, Columbus, East Fultonham and the surrounding areas. We have handled a large number of erosion control projects as part of our overall landscaping jobs.

Creating stunning landscapes is something we do with a great amount of passion. In many cases, the job involves installing erosion control materials and features. Our expertise has seen us successfully complete projects throughout Crooksville, and Cambridge and well. We also have a large number of clients from New Lexington, and Granville and the neighboring areas whose landscapes have benefited from our erosion control solutions.

Latest Erosion Control Techniques

When you hire us for this job, our team will visit your property and survey the available space is in order to determine exactly what kind of features will be required for your setting. Based on this initial assessment, they will provide detailed information about the different types of solutions that could be used in the affected areas, such as:

  • Block retaining walls may be built to provide the necessary support to sloping areas in order to hold back the rocks and soil and effectively. These specially designed segmental retaining walls prove to be very effective soil barriers, and can enhance the aesthetics of your landscape areas too.

  • We may install specific types of vegetation in areas where there is or could potentially be some soil erosion. However, these plantings would provide a certain amount of protection to the soil only once their roots have firmly entrenched themselves in the landscape.
  • We make use of the Geo textiles in areas that show signs of severe soil erosion. These textiles are positioned to hold back the soil and provided support.
  • Another effective erosion control method is mulching and we use this in tandem with the other methods mentioned above.

Hire Expert Erosion Control Specialists

We recognize that every property would have very specific characteristics and erosion problems. This is why we always customize our solutions and make sure that the soil erosion structures or features are designed to meet the specific needs of your landscape.

We use high quality products and materials in our projects while making sure that the workmanship is top of the line. Our expertise in this space allows us to provide you with excellent landscape erosion control and related services at very reasonable pricing.

For any more information about our solutions and erosion control installations cost, feel free to call Winland's Complete Landscaping Service at 740-453-6270. We assure you of nothing but the best services at all times. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your project details or queries.
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